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UGM Psychology Student Successfully Becomes The Most Active Inspirational Student National Ambassador 2022

Dyah Pitaloka Putri Sutanto, a UGM Psychology student who was successfully named the 2022 Most Active Inspiring Student National Ambassador. The selection of ambassadors was carried out by the Ragam Class as a platform for self-development and Creative Education for Indonesian Children. The election of ambassadors is one means of voicing ideas for the country. “For me, the opportunity to speak to represent the province where I grew up is a calling that I have long wanted,” said Dyah, his nickname.

Apart from that, Dyah also revealed that since high school, people around her have started to motivated her to register for ambassador elections. However, Dyah discouraged her because she knew that her height did not meet the criteria for being an ambassador. “I was hindered by my height which is the minimum physical requirement for an ambassador, but I was very surprised and grateful because this Inspiring Student National Ambassador election did not require height.”

The process for selecting Inspiring Student National Ambassadors for 2022 has started since September 2021 by administratively selecting candidate ambassadors. Then it was followed by the announcement of the finalists representing the province in Indonesia on October 12 and a series of competitions until October 28. Furthermore, the announcement of the Awarding Night was held on October 28 which was followed by dedication and the process of publishing the work.

Dyah hopes that her election as the 2022 Most Active Inspiring Student National Ambassador can continue the adekakakconnect as a forum for connections between high school students/equivalents and impactful students. “Adekakaconnect is the work that led me to be chosen as an ambassador. Hopefully adekakaconnect will have a bigger impact on education in Indonesia,” hoped Dyah.

Dyah admits that the 2022 Inspiring Student National Ambassador election is a springboard for her to connect with young Indonesians who want to make an impact for the country, especially in the education sector. Currently, Dyah is still continuing the mandate given by the Ambassador and the Organizer as the Publishing Coordinator for the Work of the Anthology of Inspirational Student National Ambassadors since 22 September 2022.


Author: Dzikria

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Prof. Dr. Avin Fadilla Helmi, M.Si.


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Acintya Ratna Priwati, S.Psi., M.A


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