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Learning is not only in class! Join a community of students with the same interests and take part in fun and positive activities that will hone your skills. From learning to organize at Student Organizations, creating content with the aesthetic BPPM Psychomedia or KRST, adventuring in the wild with PALAPSI, helping others with Repsigama, and living the wisdom of religion with a spiritual family (KMP, KMK, or PMK).

Lembaga Mahasiswa Psikologi UGM - Student Council

Since it was re-established in 2004,  Lembaga Mahasiswa (LM) has been trying to become an institution that can provide benefits to students and the community, as well as being a bridge between students and faculties, and universities. This is stated in the vision and mission of LM Psychology UGM. LM's vision is to form students of the UGM Faculty of Psychology as pioneers of integrated mental health on campus. In addition, the missions of LM include optimizing the functions of bureaus and departments within LM Psychology UGM, maximizing various platforms to support Psychology students' mental health, preparing Psychology students to become health agents on campus and collaborating with relevant stakeholders, and participating plays an active role in overseeing strategic issues that exist on campus and outside. LM itself is chaired by a chairman who oversees four divisions that supervise bureaus and departments with their respective functions and duties. Movement Knowledge and Action Division consists of the Research and Science Department, the Advocacy Department, and the Strategic Studies Department. Field of Student Interests and Potential consists of the Interest and Talent Department and the Entrepreneurship Department. Internal and Organizational Development Division consisting of the HR and Organizational Development Bureau (PSDMO) and the Administration Bureau. Social and Community Affairs which consists of the Department of Public Relations, the Department of Media and Information, and the Department of Community Services. LM Psychology also has a project called Big 4 which is a set of projects in fields under the auspices of each field, namely the Internal and Organizational Development Sector (Abyakta Karya), Social and Community Sector (Domination), Knowledge Sector and Movement Action (Kreasi Asa Aguna), and Student Interests and Potential (Psychoria). In addition, each bureau and department at LM Psychology UGM also has its own work program by their goals and functions.

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BPPM Psikomedia - Journalism Club

Badan Penerbitan dan Pers Mahasiswa, better known as BPPM Psychomedia, has been active for more than 30 years as a student organization at the Faculty of Psychology UGM. The brief history of the establishment of BPPM Psychomedia began with the Psychogama Press Service which was founded in 1969 as the first and only student organization at the Faculty of Psychology UGM. Since April 21, 1987, officially established, BPPM Psikomedia has had a vision of grounding psychology in a realistic, communicative, and applicable manner; as well as to maintain the idealism of the student press. In addition to the management which consists of general leaders, deputy general leaders, general secretaries, and general treasurers, BPPM Psychomedia has six divisions. The six divisions are the Editorial Division, Research Division, Relations and Networking Division, Enterprise Division, HRD Division, and Design and Production Division. All of these management elements carry out BPPM Psychomedia's mission to carry out publishing and non-publishing activities that support the vision by prioritizing publishing activities. This vision and mission are then outlined in various BPPM Psychomedia products that can be found and accessed, including Cycle Bulletins, Magazines, Public Discussions, Webinars and Psychological Contests, Upgrading, and Journalistic Workshops.

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Keluarga Rapat Sebuah Teater (KRST) - Theater and Arts Club

As one of the student organization engaged in the arts and theatre, Keluarga Rapat Sebuah Teater (KRST) has been present at the UGM Faculty of Psychology since 1994. Established on 27 October 1994, KRST has three main artistic breeds namely, Trah Actors, Music Breeds, and Dance Breeds. KRST itself consists of administrators and members chaired by a chairman who is called the Head of the KRST Family. KRST's vision and mission are to become a forum for students to discover and develop their talents in the arts, as well as a place to appreciate art together as one close-knit family. This vision and mission are then realized by each element of the management including the two main areas of KRST, the Artistic field with the head of the Artistic Manager section and the Production sector with the head of the Production Manager section. Uniquely, the names of the departments and administrators were adopted from the staging division in the theatre. The duties of these two divisions are also similar to those of a staging stage if the Artistic field is responsible for everything that is on the stage such as talent and the process of artistic creation. The Production Sector on the other hand is responsible for all matters behind the stage, such as the staging administration process and staging support equipment.

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Pecinta Alam Psikologi (Palapsi) - Outdoor Club

Based on natural science and psychology, Pecinta Alam Psikologi (PALAPSI) was officially established on June 28, 1975 at Turgo Hill (foot of Mount Merapi). At the beginning of its establishment, PALAPSI carried out a lot of fast-flow sports activities which became the initial milestone of PALAPSI's seriousness in becoming a nature lover organization. Then various PALAPSI expeditions were born, including the Mount Rinjani Lombok expedition, Mount Agung Bali, Carstensz Pyramid Peak. Palapsier or the term for PALAPSI members is not only a nature lover who loves the natural environment around him but also loves and pays attention to psychology as the basis of the knowledge he is studying. PALAPSI from time to time is in the process of realizing its vision of becoming an outstanding, quality and useful nature lover student organization.

Currently, the composition of the PALAPSI management consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, HRD Managerial, Asset Managerial, Support Managerial, and Operational Managerial, each of these managerial has divisions within it. The five operational divisions owned by PALAPSI are Water, Caves, Mountains, Research and Community Service (PPM), and Cliffs. Several expeditions that have been carried out by various PALAPSI divisions include the 2008 Thailand International Expedition (Phai River Rafting and Mae Taeng River Rafting) and the 2015 New Zealand International Expedition (Tongariro River Rafting, Wairoa River, Kaituna River, and Motu River) by the Air division. The expedition of the cave division, namely the 2001 International Expedition Sarawak (Search of 12 caves on Mount Buda). The mountain division expedition, namely the Irian Jaya Expedition 1984 - 1985 (ascent of the east side of the Carstensz Pyramid peak). Activities of the rock division, namely the opening of 6 rock climbing routes in 2006 in Samigaluh, Kulon Progo. Then for PPM activities, namely research and service in Balai Gadang Village, West Sumatra, and research and service in Karangasem Bali.

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Repsigama - Disaster-focused Volunteer Club

The history of the birth of the Relawan Psikologi Gadjahmada (REPSIGAMA) as the originator of the first psychology student volunteers in Indonesia began in 2010. At that time REPSIGAMA joined the Psychosocial Post Team during the Mount Merapi eruption. One year later, on February 3 2011 to be exact, REPSIGAMA officially became a student organization at the Faculty of Psychology UGM. Having the aim of helping the community to increase resilience both before, during, and after a crisis or disaster occurs, REPSIGAMA is realized by providing assistance in facilitating psychological and logistical needs for survivors. REPSIGAMA adheres to the principle of assisting with readiness, responsiveness, and vigilance, through the motto "Prepare to Care".

REPSIGAMA consists of undergraduate students who are divided into 8 work divisions, Research and Community Service (PPM); Disaster Preparedness Response (TAGANA); Research and Development (R&D); Medical; Finance; HRD; Communication and Information (KOMINFO); and Logistics. REPSIGAMA also consists of daily administrators namely the Commander, Deputy Commander, Secretary, and Treasurer. REPSIGAMA sent volunteers to the NTT Tsunami and Flash Floods, as well as the Mount Semeru Lumajang Eruption in 2021. Apart from focusing on volunteerism, REPSIGAMA is also involved in community service activities such as disaster mitigation education and psychoeducation through content on Instagram and the REPSIGAMA Website. Seminars to raise awareness of mental health and environmental sustainability for the wider community are also frequently held by REPSIGAMA. In February 2022, REPSIGAMA launched the volunteer and community service application "Relasi by Repsigama" which is available on the Play Store. This application is expected to make it easier for volunteers to get information about blood donors, donations, volunteer information, and other psychoeducation.

Prepare to Care!


Keluarga Muslim Psikologi (KMP) - Islamic Student Organization

Born from the results of a joint thought between lecturers and students, Keluarga Muslim Psikologi (KMP) is here to form competent Islamic human beings. In its journey as an Islamic da'wah institution at the Faculty of Psychology UGM, KMP oversees two semi-autonomous bodies namely the Islamic Psychology Learning Forum (IPLF) which focuses on the study of Islamic psychology; and Natural and Creative School (NUANSA) focusing on Islamic-based education and child development. The four KMP departments carry out their functions and aim to realize the ideal development of campus da'wah, namely regeneration, syiar-study, networking, and service. The four departments are Syiar, Special Agency for Regeneration, Relations and Entrepreneurship, and Information Media. Some of the work programs carried out by KMP are Psychology Lively Ramadan Offerings (Perception), Eid al-Adha Psychology (Psidul), NUANSA In Charity (Nincha), and Muslim Boy Holidays (ELBOM) or Islamic Kids Summer Camp (IKSC). Not only that, many Islamic studies and Islamic psychology are also carried out by KMP directly or through da'wah content on social media. KMP is also active in holding training, webinars, and channeling donations to orphanages.


Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik (KMK) Psikologi - Catholic Student Organization

Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik (KMK) is present as a spiritual student organization at the Faculty of Psychology UGM. Upholding the value of kinship, KMK is a place for Catholic students at the Faculty of Psychology UGM to develop themselves, grow in faith, and do good for others comfortably and openly. The KMK board consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, treasurer, internal division, spiritual division, public relations division, creative division, and design division. These divisions then jointly held various interesting KMK activities, namely, KMK Fridays, Upgrading, KMK Weekends, Mortal Angel, and The Kindness Project.


Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen (PMK) Psikologi

Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen (PMK) PKM is a spiritual student organization at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Gadjah Mada. PMK has been established on September 9, 1990, and has a chairman, secretary, and treasurer who oversees three divisions, namely; Happy Big Family (as worship division), Fun Brothers and Sisterhood (as observer division), and Cheerful Waterflow (as creative division). PMK is here as a forum for Christian students at the Faculty of Psychology UGM to increase faith, a means of channeling the aspirations of PMK members in carrying out service missions, training PMK members' psychological competence, and establishing communication between PMK members and their alumni. As an effort to fulfill this goal, PMK Psychology UGM presents various programs and activities such as (1) Public Fellowship (PU), Prayer Fellowship (PD), Fellowship, Field Service, Morning Prayer, Beginning of Academic Year Fellowship (PATA), and Welcoming New Students PMK Psychology; (2) Celebration of Christian Holidays; and (3) Service Activities in the form of Facilitator Training.