Mental Process & Behavior Laboratory

The Faculty of Psychology UGM has the vision to develop Psychology as a science hub that leads the development of behavioral sciences. PMP Lab, as an integrated research laboratory, builds upon its investigations of psychological phenomena based on visible behavior, invisible mental processes, and physiological & neural reactions that accompany these psychological phenomena.

Highlighted activities

Running scientific laboratories.

Organizing the function of education and research for the academic community.

  • Biopsychology course practicum with mini role experiments and role play neuropsychology tools.
  • Immersion Lab: perform cognitive experiments.
  • Mentorship of Master students.
  • Assistance and consultation for project-based research and activities by doctoral students.

Education: practicum, Lab Immersion, mentorship.

Research students and lecturers

  • Provide lab services for Thesis and Dissertation
  • Provide lab services for independent and group research.

Psychodiagnostics Laboratory

The Psychodiagnostics Laboratory (PSD Lab) aims to provide services to the academic community of the Faculty of Psychology UGM consisting of lecturers and students in practicum and research activities, especially in administering various psychological test tools.

Head of Laboratory: Dra. Sri Kusrohmaniah, M.Si., Ph.D., Psychologist

The Psychodiagnostics Laboratory has one admin in charge:

Serving students and lecturers in the provision of test kits
Carry out an inventory of test kits
Make periodic reports on laboratory usage
Check the room and the tools used

The facilities currently available at the PSD Lab are as follows:

  • 12 individual rooms for children and adults
  • 2 Play Therapy Rooms
  • 2 LGD Rooms for Adults and Children
  • 2 Counseling Rooms
  • 1 Classical Test Room
  • 1 Head of Laboratory Room
  • 1 Laboratory Admin Room
  • 1 CCTV control room

In addition to a fairly complete room, the PSD Lab also has a variety of test kits that students and lecturers can borrow to support teaching and learning activities and research. These test tools include intelligence test kits, interest aptitude test kits, projective test kits, non-projective test kits, and so on. At present, there has been a significant increase in the use of the test kit developed by UGM, namely the AJT test kit.