Eirene, the 2018 Putri Praja Pariwisata: UGM Psychology Student and Tourism Ambassador

Putra Putri Pariwisata is an event to select a tourism ambassador. It is widely known by students in Indonesia, and of course, this year we are talking about it, since one of our fellow students has successfully participated in it. Held by Indonesia Tourism Marketing Festival (ITM Fest) through UPI’s Tourism Marketing Management program, this event is also supported by the Ministry of Tourism, receiving much enthusiasm from young Indonesians. This program will select, as mentioned above, Indonesian youth with a wide range of knowledge regarding tourism in Indonesia.

In this event, there are two titles that the participants are competing for, the main title and the attribute title. This year, Gadjah Mada University is immensely proud, due to the fact that from 28 participants coming from all over Indonesia, one of its delegates, Eirene Ericha Sulu from our faculty won the main title. Eirene was crowned as the first runner up, holding the title of Putri Praja Pariwisata, First Runner Up. In the midst of collegiate life, Eirene will be one of the national tourism ambassadors (Duta Wisata Nasional) through this event.

To obtain that title, Eirene had to face the selection processes, starting from administrative selection, essay writing, achievements, interview, and also the written selection. The final selection was through the 4-day quarantine process. Another form of judgment was through the talent show in the third day of the quarantine as well as the grand final on May 11, 2018.

For the talent show, she showed her ballet dancing ability while singing a song she written herself for Indonesia, titled “Harapan Untukmu” (Hope for You). Through that song, she delivered the wish from her heart for Indonesia to stay beautiful and become a paradise for everyone. Eirene stood out and really nailed that performance, putting people in awe. By winning this, Eirene is also encouraging the young generation to be more aware of Indonesian tourism, because there truly is infinite potential for Indonesian tourism to grow.