Indonesian Digital Natives: ICT Usage Pattern Study across Different Age Groups

Neila Ramdhani, Wisnu Wiradhany


Since its first appearance on early 2000’s at the U.S, the idea that a new generation of students called digital natives or net generation has entered the world has been widely discussed by parents and educators alike. It is said that this generation think, socialize, and act differently; and they will alter roles and regulation of work and educational institutes. Now, at the second decade of the 21st century, Indonesia has to ready herself to meet this new generation. In this paper, we compared information and technology (ICT) access, activities within ICT, investment on ICT, and attitude towards ICT between five hundred Indonesian in three different groups: those who born before the 1980s; those who born between 1980s to 1989’s, and those who born after the 1990s by ANOVA. We found that there were no difference on information and technology (ICT) access, activities, investment on ICT, and attitude towards ICT between the groups.

Keywords: ICT, Internet, Digital Natives