UGM Psychology Student Crowned as the 2018 Diajeng Berbakat Sleman

The Dimas Diajeng pageant is a routine event, held every 2 years to select the ambassadors of Sleman. The tagline for this event is “Berkarakter, Peduli, Berprestasi!” This event is open for every Indonesian citizen who wants to contribute for Sleman. Selection phases have been held since December 2017, with the main event, the crowning ceremony was held on May 11, 2018 in Ramayana Ballet Prambanan’s Open Air Theater.

The first selection phase started with the submission of documents and written tests (about 200 people sat down for this test). From this phase, 60 participants were selected to continue to the next phase, the interview and talent show. After that, 30 participants were selected (15 pairs, consisting of one boy (called the ‘Dimas’) and one girl (called the ‘Diajeng’). During these processes, all finalists were debriefed pre-quarrantine and also participated in a string of events, such as a Kartini themed Field Program in Jogja City Mall and visitations to tourist sites and villages.

In the final round, participants competed for the Top 5 and 3 Attributive Titles (Talented, Congeniality, and Favorite). The result in the crowning ceremony was an accumulation of judgment throughout the whole selection process. The title of Favorite Dimas/Diajeng was obtained through the accumulation of votes and likes in social media and on the crowning ceremony from supporters. To be titled as Diajeng Berbakat (Talented), participants were judged not only from the talent show held in Taman Kuliner Yogyakarta, but through many other opportunities before the judging ended.

Our very own Ni Putu Melinda Prabamitha, a junior, was awarded the title of Diajeng Berbakat. Now, she’s known as Diajeng Melinda. She won the title by showcasing her talent in dancing.