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ICHTI 2019, International Conference as a Response in Technology Development

On 15-16 February 2019, Mind, Brain, and Behavior Laboratory (MBB Lab) cooperates with Doctoral Program Faculty Psychology Universitas Gadjah Mada held an International Conference in Faculty of Psychology UGM. The Conference namely ICHTI (International Conference on Human-Technology Interactions) takes the theme How the Human-Technology Interactions: Shape Modern Life. ICHTI represent the experts such as Prof. Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph. D. from New York University, Prof. Byron Good, Ph. D. from Harvard University, Prof. Joel Pearson, Ph. D from New South Wales University, dan Prof. Jeffrey Sachs from Columbia University. The participants in this conference were coming from several Institutions and Universities. read more

Student Vulnerable to Experience Social Anxiety

Anxiety disorder can attack anybody. Anxiety can easily experience people, students included.

Mostly student experiences social anxiety when they were learning. The impact emerges as an effect of anxiety extremely influence on student life.

Many research explain the impact of the anxiety of student such as influencing memory, adjustment in school is less, bad academic performance, even drop out of college. Moreover, also impacts social interaction, occupational success, education, and much more activity. read more

The Forensic Psychologist is Less in Indonesia

Indonesia still has less expert in the Forensic Psychology field recently. While, in every court of crime, corruption, and terrorism, it is needed advice by the Forensic expert to the judges’ consideration of the final decision. 

Chairman Of The Association Of Forensic Psychology (APSIFOR), Dra. Reni Kusumowardhani, M.Psi, Psikolog, said that nowadays there are 300 participants of the Forensic Psychology association that the number is still very limited compared to a number of cases that must be handled upon request legal apparatus. She said for the only terrorist case, already 200 cases handled. read more

The Difference in Social Support Patterns in Communal and Non-Communal Society

A Human without social interaction can cause problems. The weakness of social relations can cause dementia growth.” Said Yohanes Heri Widodo, Doctoral Student Ilmu Psikologi UGM in open examination to attain the degree of Doctoral on Tuesday (29/1) in Auditorium G-100 Faculty of Psychology UGM.

As a continuance, Heri stated that social support is needed for preventing that matter. In his opinion, this concept is in line with life pattern of society in Indonesia which is distinguished as communal society, specifically in the rural area.  read more

The Family Expert from The University of Newcastle Visited Faculty of Psychology UGM

Tuesday (30/1), the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) got honorary visitation by the Expert Family from Australia, Prof. Alan Hayes. Hayes is director Family Action Centre (Pusat Aksi Keluarga) and also a lecturer in the Faculty of health and medicine The University of Newcastle. Previously Hayes was director Australia Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) during 11 years. AIFS is a center of research from the Australia government that specifically engaged in the field of family prosperity study. Aside to educate the family in Australia related to family issues, another role of AIFS is to execute a study that can be a basic decision of public policy about the family in Australia (evidence-informed policy).  read more