Faculty at a Glance

Established on January 8, 1965, the Faculty of Psychology of Universitas Gadjah Mada is recognized as one of the leading psychology programs in Indonesia. As a higher education institution, the Faculty of Psychology has been responsive to the demands to improve its quality. As the world is becoming more global, the faculty welcomes the challenge of globalization by realigning its vision, mission, and strategies with the global market demands. The faculty positions itself as taking the responsibility for producing high quality professionals in the field of psychology. The faculty offers Psychology Study Program that aims at producing scientists in the field of psychology as well as professional practitioners, decision makers, community leaders and managers in psychology-related fields. Through its curricular and extracurricular activities, the study program is also designed to produce graduates with creative and analytical competencies as well as caring dispositions, with an emphasis on awareness of lifelong education and professional growth. The graduates of the Faculty of Psychology are also expected to have strong views in incorporating local wisdoms into their professional lives. With its expanding networks and benchmarking initiatives –on local, national, and international levels- the faculty has fulfilled these responsibilities. The faculty is currently known as one of the top choices for higher education.


To be an excellent, innovative, world-class Psychology faculty that is dedicated to the nation’s best interests as defined by values embedded within the national culture and Pancasila (ideology).


To implement Psychology-based education, research, and social service as well as preserving knowledge of the highest quality for the benefit of the society.