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Dra. Ira Paramastri, MSi

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Latar Belakang Pendidikan
Master, Psikologi, UGM, Indonesia, August 1992 - May 1994

Undergraduate, Psikologi, UGM, Indonesia, August 1974 - November 1981

Bidang Pengajaran
Psikologi Klinis

Minat Penelitian
Health Promotion, Health Psychology

Pelatihan dan Seminar


1. Harmony Disturbance within Married Couples with Non-Organic Sexual Dysfunction

Presented in SEMINAR SEHARI Harmony Disturbance Within Married Couple: A Medical, Socio-Cultural, and Psychology Perpective.Held by Sanata Dharma University,Yogyakarta, February 17, 2001.

2. Adolescent Healthy Reproduction Education Model for Junior High School Student: A Case Study in SLTPN 1, Surabaya. S.R. Devy, Irwan Abdullah and Ira Paramastri.

Published in SAINS KESEHATAN Volume14 No. 2, May 2001. ISSN : 1411-6197.

3. Tubectomi-Related Factors of Choice-Making Among Fertile Couples in Purbalingga Regency. Much Umar Faozi, Moh. Hakimi and Ira Paramastri.
Published in SAINS KESEHATAN Vol. 15 No. 3, September 2002. ISSN : 1411– 6197. (Accredited by SK Dirjen Dikti No. 118/DIKTI/Kep/2001 May 9 2001)

4. Analysis on Customer’s Interest Towards Yogyakarta Health Service Institution’s (Bapelkes) Products and Services. Amin Subargus, John Suprihanto and Ira Paramastri.
Published in SAINS KESEHATAN Volume16 No. 2, May 2003. ISSN : 1411 – 6197. (Accredited by SK Dirjen Dikti No. 118/DIKTI/Kep/2001 May 9 2001)

5. The Effects of Integrated Service Center (Posyandu)’s Health Promotion Toward Knowledge and Skill Enhancement Concerning Malaria Treatment in North Central Timor Regency.
Published in SAINS KESEHATAN Volume17 No. 1, January 2004. ISSN : 1411 – 6197. (Accredited by SK Dirjen Dikti No. 118/DIKTI/Kep/2001 May 9 2001)

6. The Effect of Healthy Reproduction Education on Adolescent’s Knowledge and Attitude As a Prevention to HIV/AIDS Infection in Yogyakarta Municipality. Chairul Fuad, Sunardi Radiono, and Ira Paramastri.
Published in BERITA KEDOKTERAN MASYARAKAT, Edisi Triwulan I 2003. ISSN : 0215 – 1936.

7. The Phenomena of Child Sexual Behavior Pattern: Family Senstitiveness in Early Signs-Acknowledging in Children, Ira Paramastri. September 2004

8. The Effectiveness of Early Sexual Education in Healthy Sexual Behavior Knowledge-Improving. Avin Fadila Helmi and Ira Paramastri.
Published in Journal Psikologi UGM, Edisi Tahun XXV No. 2, December 1998. ISSN: 0215-8884

9. Personality Pattern Differences Among College Student, Drug and Substance Addict, Convict, and Psychotics. Nida Ul Hasanat, Muhana Sofiati Utami, and Ira Paramastri. Yogyakarta, November 30, 2001

10. Enhancing Interpersonal Skill for Beauty and Self-Confidence. Ira Paramastri.
Presented in SEMINAR NASIONAL 2001: The Rationality of Skin-Whitening Cosmetics, held by Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, May 6, 2001.

11. Empowering Community To Contribute On Primary Preventionx Of Child Sexual Abuse (Csa) Towards Children Well-Being.

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