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Dr. Neila Ramdhani, M.Si., M.Ed.

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Educational Background
Doctor, Faculty of Psychology, UGM, Indonesia, February 2007 - December 2009
Thesis : Model Teoritis Perilaku Penggunaan Email

Master, Psychology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, September 1989 - May 1994
Thesis : Social skills training to enhance shy-socially isolated students

Master, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, September 1998 - December 1999
Thesis : Exploring Children Dialogue while Working with the Computer Software

Teaching Interest
Mental Hygiene, Behavior Modification, Communication & Managerial Skills

Research Interest
Mental Health Promotion, Psychology of IT (Cyber Psychology), Multimedia to Support Learning

Training dan Workshop
Trainee in Training and Course :
  • Clinical Psychologist Association, Behavioral Activation, September 2013
  • Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, Play Therapy, January 2013
  • Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, Modern Psychodynamica, April 2011
  • HR Club Indonesia, DISC , February 2010
  • Magister of Management FEB UGM, Case Based Teaching, October 2009
  • NLP Indonesia, Neuro Lingistic Programming , March 2008
  • Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, International Curriculum Development, March 2006
  • Indonesian Psychologist Ascociation, Yogyakarta Chapter, Pengukuran , July 2004
  • University of Leeds, Training on Module Development, September 1999
  • Gadjah Mada University, Pra Jabatan, July 1989

Participant in Scientific Activities :
  • Cognitive Counselling Research & Conference Service, International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology, October 2012
  • Asian Association of Social Psychology, AASP Biennial Conference at New Delhi, December 2010
  • Erasmus Mundus Euro Asia, Teacher Training at University of Boras, Swedia, August 2010
  • Faculty of Psychology, International Conference of Indigenous Psychology, July 2010
  • International Congress of Applied Psychology, Congress of Applied Psyology at Melbourne, July 2010
  • Qatar Foundation, Meeting on Teacher Quality Improvement, April 2010
  • Center of Philanthropy Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Global Philanthropy Meeting , April 2010
  • Bulgarian Psychologist Association, South East European Regional Conference on Psychology, October 2009
  • Faculty of Psychology, Workshop on Indigenous Psychology, May 2009
  • Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Symposium on International Phylanthropi, December 2007
  • Indonesian Clinical Ascociation, Seminar on Stress Management, November 2007
  • Indonesian Psychologist Ascociation, Conference on Psychology, April 2007

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