There are 3 types of labs in the faculty: laboratories for supporting practicum activities, labs for research and a lab for community services. Laboratories for supporting courses include the Psychodiagnostic lab,  and the Physiological Lab. Laboratories for research include the Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology and the Center for Public Mental Health and the Inclusive Pre-School Child Education lab is for community service.

Psychodiagnostic Lab
The psychodiagnostic lab accommodates practicum activities for the courses intelligence assessment, aptitude assessment, projective personality assessment and non-projective personality assessment. Although the lab has its collection of assessment tools however it has not been able to keep the tools updated. The faculty plans to revitalize the lab’s assessment tools to meet the most current demands of the society.

Physiological Lab
The faculty is currently preparing to revitalize its physiological lab. Previously this lab supported the course physiological psychology. Due to a change of the curriculum, the faculty planned to modify the structure and content of the course to be able to accommodate the contemporary demands of research in biopsychology. The course was then changed to biopsychology which required the procurement of more advanced practicum facilities. Currently the faculty is in the process of actualizing plans to create a lab for advanced research in biopsychology which will aid practicum activities for the biopsychology course.

Inclusive Pre-School Child Education Lab
The PAUD lab supports the course basic assessment and life span development by having subjects available for observation for course tasks. Currently research has not become a primary activity of the lab, however the lab managers are planning to move the lab towards a more research oriented lab. More information of this lab can be found in the PAUD website

Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (CICP)
This lab’s primary activities are research, research mentoring, research event organizing. The lab conducts research on a variety of topics for example happiness, self, trust, achievement from an Indonesia cultural perspective. More information of this lab can be found in the CICP website

Center for Public Mental Health (CPMH)
The Center for Public Mental Health is engaged in programs of research and community service. The research activities conducted by the center are mostly applied and focus on ways of enhancing the psychological well being of the society. More information of this lab can be found in the CPMH website