UPTB (Learning Technology Development Unit)

The idea of improving learning experience quality in the Faculty of Psychology through the utilization of IT has existed since September 2001. It is a very interesting idea, considering the incredibly beneficial advances in IT for all aspects of human life has been slowly but surely making its way to the society of academicians.

The idea was first acted upon when, by the dean’s decree, Dr. Neila Ramdhani, M. Si, M. Ed was appointed head of UPTBM (Unit Pengembangan Teknologi Belajar). At first, this unit aimed to facilitate Faculty of Psychology’s society of academicians with IT skills, primarily ones that are relevant and helpful to the learning process. In its development, the unit has also developed a number of methods of publication and information for the faculty, one of which is through the faculty’s website. UPTB also has the responsibility to socialize and promote the faculty as well as the services it offers for the public.

Some of the activities managed by UPTB is the technology in learning for students. A practice of one of UGM’s goals is to foster and shape excellent new generations who are conscious of the need to make use of technology and in possession of the skills to do so. One of said skills is the skill to use computer software. For example, Office Applications software, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and videography skill. Other than that, UPTB also offers training in utilizing data processing software such as SPSS and NVivo for the students to accomplish their project or research.

Additionally, UPTB facilitates IT training for faculties. A leading university is buffered by its excellent human resources. The training is more essential now than ever with fiber optics connection now running in their individual room, allowing them to browse at a reliable and comfortable speed.

Further, recently UPTB also manages the “Kanal Pengetahuan” or the knowledge channel website. The knowledge channel, aims as an innovation in disseminating knowledge to society. In accordance to the philosophy of “Menara Ilmu” or the tower of knowledge, The Faculty of Psychology serves as a container of information and knowledge sources possessed by the university, in order to be accessible to the society. The knowledge channel material can be accessed in the form of audio, video, and article.

UPTB Team:

Head: Satwika Rahapsari, S.Psi., Psi., M.A. R-DMT

Secretary: Kurnia Yohana Yulianti, S.Psi. M.Sc.

Staff: Sussanti, Amd.

Student assistant.


UPTB – F. Psikologi UGM (Unit Pengembangan Teknologi Belajar) 

The Faculty of Psychology UGM Jl. Humaniora No. 1 Kompleks Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hall B, 2nd Floor, Room 212A