Student Community

  • Sports Community Forum

Sports Community Forum is a forum to channel the interests and talents of UGM Psychology students in the field of sports. This forum has a direct position under the Psychology Student Council (LMPsi) but it is semi-independent by having its own management. During this period, the Sports Community Forum was chaired by the first chairman of LMPsi UGM, there was also a Secretary and a Treasurer. This forum consists of five sports communities with each community having their respective managers and captains. The five communities are Men’s Futsal, Women’s Futsal, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Badminton. Some of the Men’s Futsal achievements are the third winner in the Indonesian Psychology championship in 2010, the second winner in the 2011 Selma Cup Tournament, the second winner in the Jabodetabek Inter Psychology championship in 2013, the second winner in the Psychology championship throughout Central Java DIY and many more. Some of the Women’s Futsal achievements are 2nd winner Porsenigama 2011, 2nd winner Deconolympic 2011, 1st winner Psychocup 2012, first champion of Justicia Cup 2012. Some achievements of the Men’s Basket Ball are 1st place Eskpose Undip, Semifinalist in 2011 Psychology Cup, 3rd champion Xperia UII 2012 champion, 1st winner Undip Cup 2012, and 2nd winner Espose Undip 2013.


  • Psikolens (Psychology in Lenses)

Psikolens is a photography community in the Psychology UGM that is open to all students. This community aims to be a place for photography enthusiast and photographers in the Psychology UGM campus. The activities that have been carried out by Psikolens include learning together about taking correct and good photos (photography classes), hunting photo together, and exhibiting works. The educator from this photography class is a photographer from the Yogyakarta GG Model. The project being worked on by Psikolens is the exhibition of the best photographs of members of Psikolens. In this project, Psikolens perpetuate meaningful moments about whatever each member gets to share with the entire Psychology Faculty of UGM.