Public Lecture on Developmental Psychology with Prof. Dr. Franz-J Mönks

Prof. Dr. Franz-Joseph Mönks from Radboud University in Nijmegen, Holland, visited Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Psychology and gave a lecture for undergraduates from both the international and regular program on Monday, February 5, 2018.

This time, he lectured on developmental psychology and its applications in school and social context, brain and impulsivity, as well as stress and development.

In the lecture, Prof. Dr. F.J. Mönks explained that psychological development is a process spanning over the course of one’s life dynamically. Biological factors, such as maturation, and environmental/social factors, for example modeling, immitation, and observational learning, contribute in shaping an individual’s motives behavior. Therefore, individual development has to be studied, and one of the ways to study it is through closed and/or open system observation. 

Prof. Dr. F.J. Mönks has contributed a lot in the field of scientific research of Developmental Psychology and Gifted Education. One of his works is published in Indonesian as well, titled  “Psikologi Perkembangan: Pengantar Dalam Berbagai Bagiannya”, written with Dra. Siti Rahayu Hadinoto (Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, 1966 – 1969 and 1969 – 1971). [Jo]