PT Pertamina Training and Consulting is Working Together with UGM Psychology

Pertamina Group’s incredible growth has caused a need for an excellent assessment center, thus making UGM Psychology a partner to work together with. This collaboration is done in the field of Research and Simulation Devices Development of the Assessment Center. The signing of the MoU between both parties took place on Friday, September 21, 2018, starting with the signing from each party first. The President of PT Pertamina Training and Consulting, Ir. Umar Fahmi, and the Faculty of Psychology’s Dean, Prof. Dr. Faturrochman, M.A., signed the documents in Room A-203 of UGM Psychology.

After that, each party delivered their opening remarks. “We see the developments around the world have impacted business in Pertamina Group. We realize that we need an assessment center. The fulfillment of that need is one step forward for our company, to have the tools necessary to select individuals into a higher career path, from the middle all the way to the top. There is this similar need in almost every state-owned company, that there are human resources with good skills and brains, who unfortunately do not work as stable and fast as they are smart. This is so different from what we can observe in other countries, for example Korea. We want employees to work as productive as they were when they first started. What we see now, it’s getting slower and slower year to year,” said Ir. Umar Fahmi, the President of Pertamina Group Training and Consulting.

In his opening statement, Ir. Umar Fahmi expects for this collaboration to be a new part of the group’s history in bringing forward positive progress. This deal is also expected to benefit all parties as well as Indonesia and its people. “PT. Pertamina Training and Consulting surely feels great pride for being able to work with Universitas Gadjah Mada’s Faculty of Psychology,” said Ir. Umar Fahmi in closing.

The Faculty of Psychology’s Dean, Prof. Dr. Faturrochman, M.A., in response, stated, “UGM’s Faculty of Psychology is also grateful for this opportunity. Moreover, hopefully this collaboration can become a great contribution for our nation and people.” The event ended with the giving of souvenirs from both parties. Among the attendees were also lecturers of the faculty and officials from PT Pertamina Training and Consulting.