UGM Psychology’s Debate Team Won Fourth Place in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

After studying here for just five months and not even a semester has passed, these three highly curious UGM Psychology students, Safira Rizky Mayla, Sinta Kartika Widyowati, dan Zaadila Muftial Mabrur decided to apply to compete in a national debate championship in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Bumi Siliwangi, Bandung.

This national debate championshp took the theme “Revitalization of Primary Education to Welcome 2045 Golden Indonesia (Revitalisasi Pendidikan Dasar dalam Menyongsong Indonesia Emas 2045).” This competition had several stages that participants had to go through before reaching the semifinals. read more

Students Won a National Debate Competition Held by the Department of Primary Education in UPI

The Faculty of Psychology’s Debate Team entered the national debate competition in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia’s Department of Primary Education, a part of the Faculty of Education. It was held in Bandung on November 29, 2o18 – December 2, 2018.

This event was held with the purpose of developing and growing creativity and sportsmanship as a device to actualize students’ potentials. The debate competition took the theme “Revitalisasi Pendidikan Dasar dalam Menyongsong Indonesia Emas 2045 (Revitalizing Primary Education in Welcoming Golden Indonesia in 2045)”.

Haris Hendrik was a delegate from the Faculty of Forestry who accompanied Rahmayanti and Nurul Hidayah, the debaters from our faculty. They won as the runner-up of this competition.

To compete in the debate, they had to be selected from the essay they submitted. UGM sent an essay with the title “Pendidikan Inklusif ‘Beasiswa 10.000’: Implementasi ‘Goodness Integrated Collaboration’ sebagai Manajemen Strategis ‘5M Movement’ dalam Upaya Mewujudkan Generasi Berkarakter ‘Memayu Hayuning Bawana’ untuk Indonesia Emas 2045 (Inclusion-based education for improving the characters of Indonesia’s next generation).” The essay got them to the next round.

With that essay, the team could continue to the first competition, going after the victory point so they could go on to the semifinals. The issue they debated on was about the implementation of entrepreneurship as a mandatory subject in higher and middle education with the purpose to encourage students to become young entrepreneurs.

The team won against STPN Medan, and continued to the second round with the motion that freedom of expression in social media increases the creativity of students. The team won against UPI, and continued to the final round. In the final round, the team debated against the team from Universitas Negeri Jakarta (Jakarta State University). The motion for the final round was the implementation of Education Decree No. 55/2018 about Pancasila training by external organizations.

In the final round, they placed as the runner-up, with a score of 19,05 while the opponent got slightly ahead with a score of 19,58. Other than that, Haris, the team leader, was awarded as the best speaker. “These kinds of events for college students are positive environments to help students think critically and be sensitive with issues going on around them. It’s also a good medium to voice your opinion and analyze issues,” Nurul said.

UGM Psychology Won 5th Place in the 69th UGM Dies Natalis Batik Festival

As part of UGM’s 69th Dies Natalis, Dharma Wanita Persatuan UGM (DWP UGM, which is UGM’s Women’s Coalition), led by Ir. Nur Indrianti Panut Mulyono, M.T., D.Eng., worked together with Griya Batik Lestari in holding a Batik Festival.

One of the events for the festival is a batik fashion show/runway contest, called Lomba Keluwesan Peragaan Kain Batik held on December 1. This event had the purpose to showcase Yogya’s unique batik prints, as well as a way to honor and celebrate batik producers in Yogyakarta. There were 19 students, who were delegates from the 19 faculties in UGM, who walked in this runway competition.There were also 19 batik entrepreneurs in the event, who came to showcase and sell the batik they made. This event was held in Grha Sabha Pramana’s 1st floor.

There were 6 rankings for winners in this fashion show and catwalk/runway competition hybrid. There were awards for 1st Winners to 6th Winners.  One of our students, Ni Putu Melinda Prabamitha Sari (Melinda) won 5th place.

The judging points were hair and makeup, costume, and of course, the walk and batik presentation. The participants were given freedom to customize their batik as long as it remained polite to Indonesian standards and colored black. They were given a 2,5 meter sheet of batik and were asked to model it with their own creativity. The batik are all handmade using natural colors, made in collaboration with Griya Batik Lestari.

This competition was the continuation of several other preparations, such as the technical meeting and the final rehearsal. The winners will then walk again in the main event, held on December 2, 2018, which will close with a Fashion Show Parade, which will be attended by the President of UGM, Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng.

showcase the batik in their own creative ways. The batik they put on were original, traditional batik (batik tulis) colored with natural colorants. They were procured in collaboration with Griya Batik Lestari.

Lomba Keluwesan Peragaan Kain Batik was an event  serangkaian acara persiapan yang sudah dilaksanakan sebelumnya, seperti Technical Meeting (TM) dan gladi bersih. Para pemenang akan tampil kembali pada puncak acara menggunakan pakaian yang sama dan memperagakan kain batik yang digunakan sebelumnya. Puncak acara dilaksanakan pada tanggal 2 Desember 2018 dan ditutup dengan Parade Fashion Show Keluarga Besar UGM yang dihadiri oleh Rektor UGM, Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng.

UGM Psychology Hosted the Graduation of 49 Students

UGM Psychology held the graduation of 49 students in the first graduation of the 2018/2019 academic year. There were 9 male graduates and 40 female graduates. The last ceremony to ‘send them off’ was held in the faculty’s auditorium, after they attended the ceremonial graduation in UGM’s Sabha Pramana (11/22/18).

There were 31 students who graduated cum laude, and the other ones were very satisfactory too. The ones that graduated cum laude were Wa Ode Saqya Hania, Agrandaiz Ramana Harahap, Tabita Kristofani Gunawan, Sekar Fitriadzini Istiqomah, Izzatul Yazidah, Arinda Diah Anggraeni, Ranti Tri Anggraini, Erythrina Sekar Rani, Fikriani Anasih, Natania Sefly Zulhi Syahra, Atikah Dian Rahmawati, Mutiara Salma Nadzia, Radita Vidya Nibraska, Muhammad Aditya Waskito, Husna Faizah, Niken Saraswati, Ryzki Amelia, Dinda Ikhtiar Rahmadhani, Annisa Risqi Anggunani, Salma Nur Hanifah, Aya Gayatri Santosa, Prasetya Pradana, Maria Cintia Sasami, Siti Mutiara Susetiowati, Shabrina Yasmin Ghassani, Omar Syarief Natasubagyo, Eunike Adiprasasti, Rafdi Rifqi Dewanto, Farida, Priska Mariana, and Margareta Dea Novena Putri.

The faculty gave awards to three graduates. Siti Mutiara Susetiowati and Priska Mariana were awarded for being graduates with the highest GPA of 3.82. Then, Siti Mutiara Susetiowati was also awarded for being the graduate with the shortest study period, graduating after 3 years and 8 months.


UGM Psychology Won PESONA 2018

UGM Psychology won 1st Place in the PESONA (Pekan Keilmuan Psikologi Islam Nasional/National Islamic Psychology Week) in Universitas Indonesia, Depok. The student who won the prize was Fakhirah Inayaturrobbani, who competed on November 17, 2018, in the university’s Faculty of Psychology. She won first place and was chosen among other competitors from universities all around Indonesia.

In this competition, Fakhirah presented a research paper that emphasizes the role of the father in child-rearing. Fakhirah is concerned by data suggesting that Indonesia is the world’s third most ‘fatherless’ country, while the role of the father is also very important in building a strong, healthy, and happy Indonesia through the families they care for.

This event, PESONA 2018, held by Universitas Indonesia is a national event organized by the Departement of Islamic Psychology Development in the faculty’s FUSI 20.

PESONA consisted of 2 main events, starting from the preliminary selection of the papers to the presentations.

This competition was designed for all students in Indonesian universities with the goal of competing the depth of students’ understanding and broadness of their knowledge regarding psychology, specifically the ones that can be related to Islamic teachings.

“Hopefully, the discourse of being a child-friendly country through acknowledging and supporting the role a father has in a family can contribute in strengthening Indonesian families,” said Fakhirah.