An UGM Psychology Student Won 3 Titles in the Southeast Asian Karate Championship

Another UGM Psychology student is making headlines with her achievements. That student is Aliffa Milanisty, who recently competed in the Southeast Asian Karate Championship. The championship was held in Yogyakarta on October 27-28, 2018. Yogyakarta State University was the host for this championship. The classes athletes can compete in are cadet, junior, and senior.

800 karatekas (Karate athletes) competed in this year’s Southeast Asian Karate Championship. Aliffa Milanisty won 1st place in the women’s individual senior class (as an individual), 2nd place in the kumite women’s senior class (as a team), and also 3rd place in the kumite women’s senior class (as an individual). She won 3 medals in 3 different categories. Aliffa’s win is not without her parents’ support and of course, her hard work training.

Aliffa has been practicing karate since 2nd grade in elementary school. She learned it for self-defense, but her coach saw her potential to be a karateka. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, Aliffa kept on training even if things didn’t always go so smoothly. Aliffa has also faced failure and losses, but for her, those should not be seen as major setbacks. Her hard work paid off when she became the champion of the National Students Sports Olympic (known as O2SN in Indonesia) and also Indonesia’s delegate in the International Basel Open Master in Switzerland, winning 1st place. “I think that hard work without prayer is impossible. That’s why I always include God in everything because with Him nothing is impossible,” said Aliffa. (UGM Psychology PR/Jehna)